About Us

'Pupa' is a creative blend of cotton, silk, jute, tusser, linen, and variants of these natural fabrics from India with a western styling in a comfortable and classy look. All of our fabrics are made with utmost love and care to showcase the uniqueness in you. We source our fabrics from the weaving community directly and work with our craftsmen who give the perfect finish which you have been looking all the while. We will be working thoroughly on sustainability with quality products and reusability of the fabrics. We can collect our clothing back anytime you want to dispose it or are on a mission to clean up your wardrobe. Our apparels give you a contemporary style with a flavour of Indian heritage. Our aim is to reach a global audience and to spread the uniqueness of Indian fabrics. About the name, 'Pupa' says it all, we are evolving, like a pupa it is the transformation stage for us. Let's evolve :)